Onshore Company Formation in Dubai

Onshore company incorporation in UAE

Onshore LLC Company

Typically, companies incorporated on the UAE mainland are LLCs – Limited Liability Companies. LLCs in the UAE are not restricted in terms of trade location within the UAE and GCC, real estate ownership or the number of visas that can be obtained. There are also no minimum share capital requirements and mainland companies are exempt from the standard 5% import duty.

The licensing authority for LLCs is the Department of Economic Development (DED), who are also the regulator in terms of permitted economic activity for LLCs.

Benefits of LLC Companies

There are a number of reasons to incorporate a company in the UAE as an onshore LLC company.

Companies incorporating as onshore LLCs in the UAE are not restricted in terms of their location of operation; they can operate anywhere in the UAE or GCC, and within free zones. Therefore, the options for a physical presence in the country are far greater than with a free zone company.

Onshore companies have no restrictions of the number of visas that can be obtained. This allows you greater freedom with personnel, but you also have access to a highly-skilled and motivated UAE workforce.

Onshore LLCs can easily open a bank account in the UAE, with multiple currencies supported for greater financial freedom. The compliance process at the banks is far easier than with Free Zone or Offshore company.

Onshore LLCs benefit from 0% income tax. It is also very quick to incorporate; Alpha Citizen can act as your consultants and ensure that the predicted lead time is only 2-3 days.

You can operate anywhere in the UAE or GCC.
A greater choice within larger areas.
Unlimited visas can be applied for.
Benefits of employing UAE-based workforce are numerous.
Fast and easy compliance process and multiple currencies supported.
Benefit from excellent levels of privacy in the region, and high-quality Internet banking services.
Income from your company is protected from tax.
Average lead time is only 2-3 days.


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Types of License for Onshore Companies

These licenses are a requirement if your business will be transporting and storing goods for the intention of wholesale, retail or any other profit-generating activity.

  • 1.

    Trade License

    A trade license is required for all trading activities within the UAE. These licenses are a requirement if your business will be transporting and storing goods for the intention of wholesale, retail or any other profit-generating activity.

  • 2.

    Industrial License

    This license allows a business to invest in natural resources and conversion of raw materials for manufacturing purposes, including packing and distribution of finished products.

  • 3.

    Professional License

    Professional licenses cover consulting, accounting, medical, educational and other services. This license covers service-based activities that rely o physical or mental exertion, rather than capital and/or machinery.

Our Onshore Services

At Alpha Citizen, we provide a comprehensive range of services that take our clients through the entire process of incorporating their business as an onshore company in the UAE.

At Alpha Citizen, our specialist consultants will provide up-to-date advice on legal structures, tailored to the activities that your business will be undertaking within the UAE, and the markets you will be targeting.
We help you through every stage of the incorporation process for LLCs, including all legal obligations and state fees.

We can act as a mediator for you when you want to open a bank account. The main advantage to offshore banking is privacy, with Internet banking and payment cards prevalent.
We offer seamless ongoing administrative management services, including annual reporting, paying flat taxes, ensuring government fees are paid on time and renting company seats.

Why work with us?

In short, we are a partner for you to rely on. Why?

We are direct service provider offering confidentiality, ongoing consultation and direct contact with our clients. As registered agents, we provide a far more comprehensive service than a “no-name” mediator would. We are an official registration agent, licensed by the Government of the United Arab Emirates. We hold licensed agent registrations in Dubai, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain and Ras al Khaimah. Unlike other companies, we are not just a mediator, but a direct service provider.
We have been incorporating companies in the United Arab Emirates for 5 years. During this time, we have gained a wealth of experience and business contacts. By using us, you will be entering into a business relationship with an experienced partner who will always ensure you are in good hands. The smooth running of each project is our priority, along with the best possible marketing.
We offer tailor-made consulting to understand your specific needs. Every client has their own story and we listen to ensure that we understand your true, personal needs. You do not have to commit a lot of time to us, but by providing us with the details we require, we can ensure that the process is smooth and efficient, with only the necessary information being provided.
Establishing offshore companies requires up-to-date information and specific know-how. We move in a very dynamic environment. A regular intermediary does not have direct experience with the jurisdiction in which the offshore company is based. Information is gained only from business partners, which often comes with a long delay. With us, you always have first-hand information.

I want to form an onshore company

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“I would like to thank Robert and his team for a professional service and welcoming attitude during my visit in Dubai. My resident visas were processed in 2 days which helped my schedule a lot! ”

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“Ms. Gabriela has an exceptional knowledge of the Czech market and its hidden legal options. We eventually chose Czech company as our base for Central European market. ”

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any restrictions on minimum number of members for an LLC?

    UAE Commercial Companies Law now actually states that you can form a company with only one shareholder. However, foreign investors tend to have a minimum of two shareholders, as this is in line with the UAE’s foreign ownership stipulations.

  • Do I need a registered agent?

    No. However, there are restrictions so it’s always sensible to use a firm with UAE-specific experience. At Alpha Citizen, we have a physical office in Dubai and extensive experience with incorporations in the region.

  • Are there any tax benefits?

    Yes. As an LLC, you can get a tax residence certificate from the UAE Ministry of Economy. You can also trade within the UAE and GCC.

  • What types of licence can a LLC hold?

    There are three license types. Commercial licenses cover all types of trading, professional licenses cover services and crafts, while industrial licenses cover industrial and manufacturing.

Not sure if LLC company is right for you?

Navigating through the bureaucracy system in the UAE can be challenging. There are different company types and even more Free Zones that incorporate them. Additionally the chosen setup must be compliant with the home-country tax system of the business owner. It’s important not to underestimate the value of experienced tax & legal consultant.

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